UV Soft Hybrid Ink Supplier

UV Soft HybridINK Supplier

UV Soft Hybrid Ink Supplier

Digital printing in the textile and fashion industry gaining much importance these days, creating immense business opportunities worldwide. Branding and Advertising without printed media are quite impossible to reach out to the targeted audience. Bangalore is a tech digital city well-developed hub for many national and multinational lifestyle products and brands. Siare Technologies is one of the leading UV hybrid soft ink suppliers in the city. We manufacture and supply the best in industry UV Hybrid soft ink to our customers in and around the city.

We manufacture high-quality UV hybrid soft inks according to national and international standards. Our best-in-class technology and imported machinery produce quality UV Hybrid ink products that are eco–friendly and do not pollute the environment. UV hybrid soft ink produces supreme quality images when printed in flexible and non-flat surface materials like clothes, ornaments, mobile cases, foils, toys, animal leathers, and a wide variety of fashion products & many other materials.

Our inks are available in four different colors for image production and available in 500ml and 1000ml bottles for UV inkjet printers.

UV Hybrid Soft Ink

The traditional way of printing uses color solvents for image production and leaves a volatile substrate that is harmful to the environment and needs a heating process for drying which is time-consuming. The UV hybrid soft ink system combines both dye ink for vivid colors and black pigment ink for sharp text. UV hybrid soft inks are better in image production quality and more efficient than other inks. They have better stability and do not allow any insoluble substance left on the printed surface.

UV hybrid soft ink involves the process of photochemical technique for thermal drying which is less time-consuming and speeds up the production. Its strong pressure resistance and ductility make the printer spray ink on any soft material rapidly. There will not be faults or image cracking in case of material distortion. After printing the ink gets completely fixed on the print surface without leaving any substrate. Then it is thoroughly cured by the photopolymerization process and doesn’t generate solvent based pollutants.

When compared to other solvent-based printing inks, UV hybrid soft inks have great physical properties like an improved glossy finish, better scratch resistance, elasticity, rigid color value, and non-soluble in water. Its final product benefits from improved quality.

UV hybrid soft inks are used on materials like cloth, film, advertising banners, mobile cases, stickers, PVC films, rubber shells, leather products, toys, etc.

Benefits of UV hybrid soft ink:

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