Alpha Challengers

Solvent Printer FY 3200AT

Our printer is ahead of time with six pcs of Alpha Print head, the latest technology from SPT, mainly designed for signage printing, featuring high performance and low affordability, 30Khz fire frequency, 25pl droplet size, duo colours per head, gives you a perfect combo of speed and resolution.

Solvent Printer FY 3200AT MINI

The printer also has a double differential speed control design, auto smart tension bar to ensure unattended printing to the very end of the roll. The printers also have an intelligent crash sensor system, semi-automatic moisturising caps, starry-sky platform design for the perfect flat media and many similar features for better performance.

Solvent Printer FY 3200AT Plus

The FY 3200 AT PLUS is high-speed, ideal for industrial printing with SPT’s latest print head specially developed for signage market, 30 kHz fire frequency, 25pl ink droplet size, duo colour per head, which gives speedy and high-resolution printing.

Solvent Printer KONICA 512i

Solvent Printer KONICA 512i

The Konica 512i printers have much wider nozzles for fast printing. The machine is designed with steel side boards with a bending resist rate up to 236MPA. Strong aluminum beam helps in the steady movement and also easy printing. Equipped with infrared heating system and drying fan which can satisfy the large printing outputs.

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