UV Curable Ink For Epson Xp600


UV curable ink EPSON XP600 Printer

Ultraviolet curable inks are a popular and trending ink segment in digital printing. UV curable inks are solvent based and specially formulated which remain in a liquid state until they are exposed to a UV light source (LED or Mercury). The UV light cross-links the ink components into a tough polymer. This ink produces high-quality color when injected into to inkjet printer, the reaction is very fast when compared to other types of printers. The cross-linking of the ink molecules makes them durable.

UV curing adopts green technology that uses a photochemical process for the quick drying of ink after printing. All types of non-absorbent materials like wood, metal, vinyl, etc can be printed without leaving the substrate. so there is no smudging and no need for additional coatings required.

Siare tech is a Bangalore-based UV ink manufacturer and supplier. We manufacture flat bed printers and all types of UV inks for both flatbed and roll-to-roll inkjet printers. Our signature inks offer instant curing when used with EPSON XP600 compatible print heads. The inks are manufactured adopting international safety guidelines from RhOS. Our ink offers instant curing that produces high-quality adhesion on the printing medium it making the print scratch resistant.

UV curable inks are commonly used to print on a wide range of flexible and rigid substrates like Ceramics, Glass, Metals (aluminum, stainless steel, brass), Flexible packaging, Acrylic, fibers, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, PVC, Medium Density Fibreboard, Thermoformed plastics.

Advantages of UV curable ink for EPSON XP600 printer heads


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