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Siare is a solvent ink suppliers & manufacturer, making high quality and durable printing inks for various industries. The printing industry is now opting for new and fast ways of printing, and using solvent inks is one of these. The solvent inks are highly used in various sectors for outdoor or indoor applications. The inks used in the past years and those used now are different and more durable than before.

Our uv ink is mild solvent and eco-friendly; it provides excellent alcohol and scratch resistance. Ideally, the inks are used for outdoor applications due to their printing on PVC.

The inks are durable due to their fade-proof quality; they are used in Signboard, Banner, Bus wrapping and Poster. In addition, the inks come in different colours to be used in various industrial applications.

The mixture is prepared with water or liquid, pigment for colour and resin or solvent to provide stickiness. You can cure the inks quickly with air or heat; curing by heat is common as it takes less time.

The inks have higher print speed and great media composition for the best industrial printing. Our solvent inks are used for many industrial applications; you can use them directly on plastics. However, they are primarily used to print outdoor signs and banners are they do not fade quickly because they are resistant to all weather conditions.

Our inks provide high-quality images without granules, making them an ideal choice for most solvent printers. The solvent inks can be of two types, i.e. hard solvent inks that dry quickly and eco-solvent inks which dry slowly. Solvent inks produce vapours while drying; this creates a requirement for well-ventilated rooms. In addition, the ink can easily absorb into non-penetrable materials.

All our products are made with high-quality raw materials to give you the best quality. In addition, they are versatile to cater to various printing requirements. Our excellent product quality and service has made us a leading solvent ink supplier. Print vibrant and durable images hassle-free!

Instant-dry feature leaves the printed graphic completely cured. No solvents penetrate the substrate once it comes off the printer. Superb, industry leadership print quality with ultra-vivid color value and fastness.


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