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Ultraviolet inks are most popular nowadays in the modern printing industry. UV inks are made up of monomers and after the curing process, they transformed into polymers. UV inks react only to ultraviolet radiations from a light source. UV is a curing technique and not a printing process, it is applied to any substrate or printing medium to produce a required image. The inks are designed with an ultra-advanced binder system that ensures excellent nozzle jet ability with the printer heads. The advantage of using UV inks in printing reduces the emission of less volatile organic compounds when compared to other types of inks.

We Siare technologies a well-known offset printer manufacturer and UV ink supplier in Bangalore. Our ink and related products are best in class in terms of quality, adhering to best manufacturing practices. We are one of the renowned UV ink suppliers in India. Our UV ink creates better image products cures the ink very rapidly before it comes out of the printer head and reduces clogging and leaving any substrate on the printing medium. Our led ink and related products are eco-friendly and emit less odor after printing.

Our highly reliable UV inks are suitable for flatbed and roll-to-roll printers that use RICOH Gen5 Printer heads. Our ink works with LED lamps and Mercury lamps (yellow light) for the fastest curing and drying of pigments, hence it makes the ink suitable for both rigid and flexible materials. By Careful selection of binders, pigment colorants, and key additives, these inks offer an excellent blend of Color Performance & Print-head Performance. Siare inks are reliable and perform well in the production environment. When printed on any kind of material this ink produces excellent print output with high color density and emits a minimal odor.

The ink is suitable for printing in the textile industry on a variety of Natural fiber products like jute, knitted cotton fabrics, canvas, viscose fabrics, furnishing, rexine upholstery, and others

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