Uv Ink For Ricoh gh2220


UV ink for RICOH GEN2220 Printers Manufacturers

Siare is a UV ink supplier & manufacturer, producing high-quality and durable printing inks for various industries and advertising purposes. We are one of the leading LED UV ink suppliers in and around Bangalore city. Printing industries in recent years adopting itself for newer and fast-performing printers worldwide to increase production and reduce wastage without polluting the environment. UV ink and its variants are widely used nowadays especially in the printing and advertising industries.

Our UV inks are compatible with flatbed and roll-to-roll printers which use UV ink for RICOH Gh2220 printer heads. This solvent based ink is formulated to dry and cure using LED light source spotting on the printing medium. This ink provided attached adhesion and is characterized by sensational color options. The low-viscosity nature of our ink does not need heat for curing. The durability and credibility of our inks are suitable for rigid and flexible materials.

Our inks are manufactured in adherence to national and international safety standards to meet industrial needs. We are RoHS certified.

Features of UV ink for RICOH GH 2220 printer head printers :



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