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uv inkjet INK Supplier

UV Inkjet Ink Supplier and Manufacturer

Digital offset printing is the fastest-growing segment of printing media. A variety of inks used in flatbed printers creates images that are not much superior in quality. Ultra Violet inkjet printers are gaining more response in recent years than traditional printing patterns. UV inkjet inks offer unique benefits for printing onto a variety of substrates.

Siare Technologies is a UV inkjet ink manufacturer and supplier in India. We are one of the reputed UV ink manufacturers in the Bangalore producing high-quality inks compiling to international standards. Our signature UV inkjet inks are the best in the industry that offers instant curing, high print quality, adhesion, scratch resistance, high color density, and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are left as substrate. Due to its non-solvent-based properties, our ink does not pollute the environment.

Our instant curable inks for industrial inkjet printers produce vivid colors when printed on any type of material that specifically meets your printing needs. Our inks are suitable for printing on metals, plastics, wood surfaces, mobile cases, acrylic sheets, etc.

Our UV inks are suitable for all kinds of UV offset printers. Available in four different colors

Available quantity: 500ml. 1000ml and 5 liters.

UV Inject Ink

UV inkjet printing is a digital printing method that uses ultraviolet light for curing and drying the ink. The ink instantly polymerizes through a chemical reaction caused by ultraviolet light hitting the inkjet printer.

UV curable inkjet inks are solvent-free curable inks which do not generate any hazardous materials as the substrate. This ink includes the components of mono-functional urethane acrylate a combination of monomers, oligomers, Pigments, photoinitiators, and other additives. The monomer is a basic building block for image creation oligomers are resins that make the ink adhesion to any surface of a material, pigments used to achieve vivid color photoinitiators and additives are required for quick curing and drying process to ensure the ink does not leave any substrate.

UV inkjet inks are solvent free and give instant curing without generating hazardous materials and odor hence considered non-pollutant ink or eco-friendly ink. Other traditional solvent-based inks use organic hydrocarbon solvents for the drying process which creates environmental and health hazards.

A UV inkjet printer uses a UV digital printing process through a computer where the image is printed on an object, ink delivery system in the printer which is known as the printer head, tiny droplets of UV ink are sprayed over the printing medium like paper, plastic, metal, and other materials. Instant curing prevents the ink from spreading and provides a sharper image.

Advantages of our Siare UV inkjet inks

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