LED uv INK Supplier

LED uv Ink Supplier

Ultraviolet offset printing has replaced traditional printing formula in recent years. Over decades solvent-based inks are used in printing which is time-consuming and quite expensive and is not suitable for different printing media. UV printing delivers great picture quality with vivid color creations without residuals giving a luxury image that something look superior in quality.

We Siare technologies a well-known offset printer manufacturer and ink supplier in Bangalore. Our printers and related products are best in class in terms of quality and adhering to best manufacturing practices. We are one of the leading LED UV ink suppliers in and around Bangalore city. Our UV LED ink creates better image products that cures the ink very rapidly before it comes out of the printer head and reduces clogging and does not leave any substrate on the printing medium. Our UV-led ink and related products are eco-friendly and emit less odor after printing.

Our inks are available in different colors for image production and available in 500ml and 1000ml bottles for LED inkjet printers.


Conventional drying inks work by the process of oxidation and evaporation of solvents. In UV inks there is no solvent left as a residual. UV printing is a unique technique where ultraviolet light is infused over the surface of ink to dry or cure the printing medium.

In recent years UV LED curing inks gradually gaining its importance in the UV offset printing industry. This ink has been designed and developed for better curing, equipped with Ultraviolet Light emitting diode lamps.

The UV light emitted from the diode hits the printing surface dried as soon as it is applied. Where the ink transforms from solid or pastes to liquid state immediately. There is no chance of substrate and evaporation, the ink does not release ozone or carbon residues. UV LED ink mark as a hybrid curing type ink when printed under LED light sources.

UV LED ink adhesive or coating contains a mixture of polymers and photoinitiators. During the printing process, the high-intensity light passed over the ink absorbed by the photoinitiators and undergoes a dry chemical reaction on the printing medium, making the ink cure instantly.

UV-led inks are suitable for printing at non-absorbable materials like plastics, glass, metal, aluminum, acrylic sheets, etc.

Advantages of our Siare UV Rigid Hark inks

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