UV Rigid Hard Ink Supplier

UV Rigid Hard INK Supplier

UV Rigid Hard Ink Supplier and Manufacturers

The contribution of printed media in providing information and the transfer of messages is remarkable. Print media is the basic and oldest form of communication to reach out wide audience. In earlier days we used to draw and write in banners and handwritten notices which played a major role in advertising and branding. Printed newsletters, bulletins, brochures, magazines, add posters rule the global business in the current scenario.

Continuous technological innovations and adaptation to the modern concept of branding & advertisement had transformed printed media to another level from black & white, and various colors to different dimensions where printer plays a crucial role. In the last couple of years software innovations which took the printing media to another next level from designing to printing. The most advanced 2D printing method is now in trend which incorporates computer technologies that spiked the interest of the public and managed to rise hype in printing media.

UV Printer and Printing technology

UV printers are otherwise called UV inkjet printers. They are the latest in the printing industry to speed up the printing process by utilizing ultraviolet light to cure ink and adhesives as soon as it hits the printing medium. This technology gives you control over the print quality and finish. The UV inks do not have a chance to absorb or spread due to fast drying time. UV printers can print customized designs, images, texts, and textures on any range of materials and products which are cost-effective, less time-consuming, and has a high rate of investment returns.

UV inks

UV inks are different from other conventional inks. These inks dry very fast in the printing medium through a photomechanical process. UV inks are best suited for plastic, glass, metal, and wood surface. This ink is eco-friendly and does not pollute the environment as they are solvent free. Printing in this ink long lasts for more than 8 years and does not dissolve in water or other alcoholic substances.

UV Rigid Hard ink

UV rigid hard ink has the property of good adhesion, hardness, corrosion resistance, scratch proof, and emits less odour after printing. Best suitable for printing on acrylic surfaces, wood, metal, plastic fibre sheets, glass, TPU cases, Ceramics, etc.

Siare Technologies is a leading UV inkjet printer, UV ink manufacturer, and supplier in India. We started our journey as a printer trading company and later emerged as a manufacturer cum supplier of inkjet printers and related products with a plant capacity 0f 20000sq.ft.

Our UV rigid hard inks are best in quality they dry up instantly and bring a great image production range and enable printed images to be water resistant, media independent, and

fade resistant. The eco-friendly nature of inks emits less odour and no solvents penetrate the substrate once it comes out of the printer.

Advantages of our Siare UV Rigid Hark inks

UV Rigid Hard ink provides odourless printing on acrylic surfaces, wood, metal, plastic fibre sheets, glass, TPU cases and Ceramics. They produce the high quality image printing with high durability

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