UV Curable Ink For Epson Tx800


UV curable ink for EPSON TX800 Printer

UV curable inks are widely used in textile, indoor, and outdoor advertising due to their high return on investment, reduced cost of production, and good printing quality when compared to other types of inks available in the market. These UV-curable inks are not a kind of thermal curable inks, instead, use LED or mercury lamps as a source of curing technology that makes the quality of the product meet industrial expectations.

UV curable inks provide exceptional durability that suits a variety of fabric types. Its High density can cover deep into the garments. After printing color ink reproduces vivid colors and brings a realistic gradient look, with high elasticity the printed image on fabric does not crack.

Siare tech manufactures UV-curable inks for flatbed and roll-to-roll printers with EPSON TX800 printer heads. The ink is suitable for printing in all kinds of hard and flexible materials. Our ink has great fluency that does not clog the printer head. This ink can produce a 3D effect on the printing medium. Our ink is suitable not only EPSON TX 800 model but can be used in other printer heads like XP600/ DX 4/5/6/7, etc.

Our inks are manufactured with advanced technologies by meeting industrial standards over environmental concerns making them reach the international level and widely used for clothes and clothing, sweaters, and other dark fabrics.

Suitable for printing in materials like phone cases, golf balls, pens, glass, crystal, wood, ceramic, acrylic, Metal, PC, PVC, ABS, PS, etc Material.

Features of UV curable ink EPSON TX800


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